After the pandemic and the blockbuster chart, technology companies have strengthened their understanding of the global business in the last year, and the scale is larger than ever, and they have won a record in the world’s largest annual global rankings. 2000 and Forbes this year. Listed company locations.
Apple has been at the top of the technology rankings for the sixth year in a row, climbing two spots to sixth on the overall list. The reason is that increased demand in China helped lower expectations for iPhone sales and increased its annual profit to a record $ 63.9 billion. Apple became the most profitable company in the world. The market value of this Silicon Valley company also exceeds that of any other company in the world. It was close to $ 2.3 trillion when it announced the world’s 2000 top companies on April 16.
Smartphone maker Samsung Electronics regained second place after slipping to second place in the tech industry. It ranked fourth last year, due to the company’s home appliance sales pandemic, it has climbed 5 places to eleventh overall. As the world economy recovers, these revenues are expected to remain strong. Despite the short-term adverse effects of the global chip shortage on its semiconductor business, Samsung’s revenue in the past year exceeded $ 200 billion.
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Alphabet is ranked 13th overall, and after sharing this position with software last year, ranked third place in technology sector Giant Microsoft fell to No. 4 in terms of technology and ranked No. 15 overall. Both companies have smashed Wall Street earnings expectations in the past year, but Alphabet’s dominance in digital advertising helped its earnings skyrocket nearly 17% to $ 40.3 billion, outpacing Microsoft’s earnings growth. of about 11%.
Internet giant Tencent ranked in the top five with the highest ranking so far, jumping 21 spots to 29. As the only Chinese company among the world’s 20 largest technology companies, Tencent has the largest increase in sales. and profits among the top 20 companies. Another beneficiary of the booming digital advertising market, annual sales soared 28% to nearly 70 billion U.S. dollars, while profits soared 72% to 23.3 billion U.S. dollars. The highest debut of the year in
was the Finnish technology company Lufax, one of more than 20 new companies in the world’s top 2000 technology fields. Like many other companies that made their debut, Lufax made the list after its debut on the highly anticipated public market. The digital lender raised US$2.2 billion in October and now has a market capitalization of US$40 billion, ranking 500th overall and 40th in technology.

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase marked the first appearance of a US company after its direct listing in April, causing its market value to briefly soar to over US$100 billion. In addition, there are other young and noisy American companies that have made this year’s list after going public in the past two years, including DoorDash delivery service, online photo sharing platform Pinterest, and cloud companies Snowflake, Datadog, and the masses. strike.

Approximately 81 of the worlds largest technology companies are located in the United States, far more than any other country. China, Japan, and Taiwan are other technological hotspots, with 26, 15 and 13 companies participating respectively. The 4,444 Forbes Global 2000 top technology companies come from 22 different countries, with a market value of $17.9 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 73%, accounting for nearly one-third of the total market value announced by US stock companies. Total annual sales are close to 3.3 Trillion US dollars, higher than the 3 trillion US dollars when 161 technology companies went public last year. Assets and earnings have also increased, increasing by 19% and 11%, respectively, reaching US$5.2 trillion and US$434.7 billion.

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