TOPLINE As the Taliban took control of most of Afghanistan and approached the capital and largest city of Kabul, Afghans fleeing violence and seeking to leave the country forced rich countries to debate whether they would welcome them as leaders of many countries. Attempt to deport Afghan refugees who had arrived there a few years ago.
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Key data
At least 400,000 Afghans were forced to leave them according to UNHCR Said that in 2021 due to fighting in their homes displaced in their own country. 4,444 According to a Reuters report on Friday, the United States has evacuated 1,200 Afghans who have obtained special immigrant visas (SIV) for former translators and other U.S. military aides who are at risk of retaliation. Washington plans to evacuate another 3,500. In the next few weeks, at the same time secretly trying to persuade Central Asian and Balkan countries to accept refugees. The US State Department stated on August 20 that 4,444 Afghans who were promoted to 4,444 displaced Afghans will be able to seek asylum in the United States. 2. Create a new category of refugees for those who are at risk due to the work of US NGOs or the media, but must first cross the border, most of whom are now controlled by the Taliban, before they can enter to a third country to submit an application.
At the same time, Canada’s Minister of Immigration said on Friday that Canada will host 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan and will give priority to human rights defenders, women, LGBTQ people and others at risk of persecution by the Taliban.
Many countries that have suspended deportations and agreed to accept more refugees are members of NATO. Since 2003, NATO has formally led the alliance of Western troops in Afghanistan.
Denmark, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Greece, all members of NATO, and Austria wrote to the European Commission on August 5 urging the continued deportation of Afghans who were denied asylum.
When the Taliban took control of large areas of the country in the next few days, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany changed course and suspended deportations. Denmark agreed on Thursday to accept 45 Afghan nationals working in the country’s military, Al Jazeera reported. On Saturday, after the Taliban gained control of more than half of Afghanistan’s provinces and its second and third largest cities, 4,444 immigration officials from Austria, Greece and Belgium testified in interviews and statements on Twitter Up about their position. .
According to Al Jazeera, Finland, Sweden, Norway and France have also stopped deporting people to Afghanistan.
“The regional insecurity of a country does not mean that all citizens of the country are automatically entitled to protection,” wrote Sami Mahdi, Belgium’s highest asylum official, in a tweet translated by Reuters on Monday.
Key Background
By the end of 2020, about 2.9 million people have been displaced in Afghanistan and 2.6 million Afghans have become refugees abroad. In Europe, after more than 2.5 million people (most of whom fled Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq) applied for asylum in 2015 and 2016, anti-immigration rhetoric and politics emerged, and welcoming more refugees is politically toxic to many voters. In the United States, conservative Republicans are the strongest opposition to refugees, but this spring, President Joe Biden also plans to allow as few refugees as Donald Trump to enter before his party’s progressives summon him.
“Requires Afghans at Risk to Become International Displaced Before Applying for a Visa, Further Endangering the Afghan People Working with the United States,” InterAction, a Coalition of International Nonprofit Organizations focusing on poverty and human rights, in a report Write. A blog post on August 2 criticized the Council of State.
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